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Customer Posts AMAZING comment about Carter's My Plumber on Angie's List

Recent post by Mr. Lamond on Angie's List about work performed by the folks at Carter's My Plumber:

Work Completed Date:
January 17, 2013
Hire Again:
Description Of Work:
Our sump pump was replaced, and we also had a consultation over our battery backup sump pump.
Member Comments:
We had just experienced a great deal of snow (about 15 inches in some areas), which was melting fast. On top of that, we had rain for an entire weekend. I was on my way to check and make sure that the battery back up was charged and ready to go to prevent any basement flooding. When I came down, into the basement, the battery back up was beeping. I checked the cells, and everything was good, I heard the pump going, and checked the sump pit. Everything looked ok. The sump pit was a bit fuller than normal, but considering all of the water coming down into our drains, that made since. I reset the alarm, and went on about my day. A couple of hours later, I found myself needing to go back down to the basement to put some holiday decorations away. The battery backup was beeping again! I went and checked the battery, and now the display showed that the backup pump was engaged. I looked down in the sump pit, and it was even fuller than it had been a couple hours ago. Now, I was getting concerned.
I am a data analyst for an insurance company. I will freely admit that if there's a person who knows nothing about plumbing, he more than likely knows more than me. So, when I saw the sump pit continue to fill with water, but yet heard the pump going, I was confused. The only thing I could think was that the outflow was clogged. At this point, it was pretty dark out, freezing, and of course, our outflow goes directly into a pond in just beyond our back yard fence. I'm not a fisherman, so I had no waders to get into the pond with. My wife and I fashioned some make-shift waders with garbage bags and duct tape. Yes -- this actually happened. So, I go out, into the pond -- which was less than comfortable, and find our outflow. There was a small trickle coming out. I reached into the outflow, hoping that I wouldn't find any dead animals that may have been trapped in there. All I found was grass. I reached in, and pulled out about a 2ft plug of grass clippings and dirt. Then the water started coming more steadily. Not gushing, but certainly more than it had been. I went back into the basement to see if we had any progress in the sump pit. We had some progress, but not nearly what I was expecting. Encouraged, but still concerned, I had resolved to call a plumber out during the weekend to take a look at what was happening. For now, the water was still receding.
The next morning, I went and checked on the sump pump's progress, to find FLOODING!!! Granted, it was not much, it had only gotten as far as a couple of feet away from the sump it. But we had just finished the basement last year -- all was not good. We tried calling other companies in the area, such as ARS, or Dial One, but we were told that they would not be able to make it out that day. I had visions of bailing water all day until someone could come out -- then my father-in-law suggested Carter's. He had seen the truck around our area before.
We called and was informed that they would have someone there soon. They couldn't give an exact window yet, because they had just opened and hadn't had a chance to speak with any of their plumbers.10 minutes later, we got a call from Jason (the plumber coming out to our house), who said he should be there in about 20 minutes. 15 minutes later, the doorbell rang, and there he was.
I took Jason down to the basement where the sump pump was, and he immediately identified the problem. He informed me that the primary pump had died due to a failure in the float sensor. The pumping that we had heard the entire time was the back up (surprised me -- it was certainly loud enough to convince me it was the primary pump). I asked Jason if there was an issue with the back up pump, since it was clearly not keeping up.
Jason was very patient in explaining to me how the sump pit is filled by perimeter drains that basically surround our house, and that sump pumps are generally purchased based on square footage of the house. The battery backup that I had purchased was the biggest that Home Depot had to offer, and he acknowledged that, but he also showed specifications on that model, illustrating that it was indeed not sufficient for the square footage of our house. Considering that it was slowly overtaken the previous night, but was still running, I had to admit, that made a lot of sense.
Now, it was time to decide on a new sump pump. Carter's offers installation of 3 levels of sump pumps. Jason was very knowledgeable about each pump, allowing me to review each pump, while basically reciting the specs by memory. Jason explained that I could probably get away with the smallest level, provided we didn't have a deluge of rain, but recommended the next level up. Having seen a flooded basement before at an old girlfriend's house, I didn't really want to take any chances. The next level up in sump pumps was almost double the cost, however, the level up from that was only a couple hundred more than the mid-level.
I was ready to seriously just get the highest level based on the price difference, just to have the peace of mind that all would be well. Jason talked me down from that, and again, explained how everything worked with sump pumps, and their relation to square footage vs. gallons pumped per minute. This was a plumber trying to save me money?!?!? After several more minutes of Jason very patiently, and politely answering my questions and concerns, I decided to go with the mid level sump pump. The actual installation took about 10 - 15 minutes, and Jason even took my old sump pump to dispose of.
When the work is done, Jason asked if I was happy with the battery backup, and I stated that I thought it was better than nothing, but if there's something that could keep up better, than I would definitely be looking into it. He advised that his company installs them, and they were pricey -- even by his own admission and said that if we wanted to upgrade the back up, to call Carter's and if we wanted, we could even ask for him by name. I think he said it would have been around $2,000 (YIKES) installed. Then he said that the price was more for the control panel than the battery. The battery is maintenance free and good for about 5 years, as opposed to my 2-3 year battery, which requires monthly refills of distilled water. The control panel also gives specifics as to what's happening, as opposed to 4 or 5 LED lights that have a vague definition next to them and this battery is good for 180 hours of continual pumping, as opposed to my battery's 7.5 hours.
I told Jason that I am definitely interested in a system like that, but again, he advised that I not order it right then and there -- stating that the new pump is handling things well, and the current backup is still good, as long as we don't have massive amounts of drainage, like we had the past few days at that time -- which is rather rare. Jason said he would place the order if we wanted, but said if you can budget for it, his company definitely promotes that (saving me money again!)
When we were going over the paperwork, and making payment arrangements, Jason took his time, and made sure I understood what I was signing my name on. While I was re-reading everything, 2 things happened. First, he got a phone call from another customer, and advised that he was in the area and could meet with the customer for a consultation -- free of charge. No consultation fee?? I've never heard of that with a plumbing company! Second, I was looking over the statement, and found that I was given a first time customer discount of 10% -- saving me about $100! In addition to that discount, the service fee (what all these company charge just for coming out) was waived! I honestly didn't know or ask if that was also a first time customer thing. But even if it wasn't -- I saw that the normal amount was $60.00. Considering ARS and Dial 1 charge around $90 just to grace us with their presence, I made sure to remember that little detail. I was given a comment card, and gave Jason and Carter's a glowing review, and then a couple of days later, I received a thank you card in the mail, hand written, thanking me for my business and mentioning Jason by name. Also signed by the "The Carters" -- obviously, inferring ownership of the company.
I will definitely use Carter's again, and recommend them to anyone who asks, and probably many others who don't. Additionally, I've added them to my speed dial list on my house phone and cell phone. I could not be happier!!!

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